Announcement: Re-opening ConVerdant Vehicles as PLUGOUT POWER, LLC.


Announcement: ConVerdant Vehicles is re-branding as PLUGOUT POWER, LLC!

We are spending summer 2020 to formalize our product and service offerings. We are aiming to launch PlugOut products and services in Fall 2020. 

Mission: Our Mission is to enable electrified vehicles* to be used as generators for any off-grid use. 

About Us:

PlugOut Power, LLC builds on our six years of experience and operations providing specialized high-voltage inverters as an automotive aftermarket product for Prius vehicles. 

PlugOut Power will offer a new series of high voltage PlugOut inverters that can connect to nearly any electrified vehicle (both hybrid and plug-in models). Where previous products only provided AC power out, our new PlugOut provides AC or DC power out for any off-grid use. PlugOut inverters enable any electrified car to be used as a highly efficient generator, for the home, jobsite, camping, tailgating, or as a solar battery extender. 

PlugOut Power LLC, founded as ConVerdant Vehicles LLC in 2008, provides unique aftermarket products and services for electrified vehicles, enabling you to use them as power generators in any situation.

According to the owner, Randy Bryan, “PlugOut Power provides a unique product in the automotive aftermarket that gives electrified vehicles another use, vehicle to home power. We wanted to add value to electrified vehicles to make them ever more compelling to own. As it turns out, they can become very efficient, reliable, and QUIET off-grid power generators –far better than the store-bought mechanical generators you see everywhere. Our new products make this easy for a wider variety of vehicles and uses. 

If you need backup power, use your car! It’s that simple.”

*Electrified vehicle refers to any hybrid [HEV], plug-in hybrid [PHV], or battery electric [BEV] car.

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